How to forward emails to Mothernode CRM to create new leads

Mothernode users have a variety of lead intake sources to use when filling their sales funnel, from importing new leads to prospects filling out lead capture forms. One simple method is to forward an email to Mothernode to create a new lead record, right from your email account, without using a plug-in or add-on.

If you use Microsft Outlook (PC) or Gmail (via Chrome), the Mothernode Outlook add-on and Chrome extension incorporate this process already. This can also be achieved manually without the aid of an add-on or extension.

The process of forwarding emails right from your inbox to create new leads in your Mothernode account is an easy way to effortlessly create a new lead record, that’s automatically assigned to you. This is especially useful when using your mobile device and wanting to quickly create a new lead from an email you just received.


There are two essential components in order for users to successfully forward an email to Mothernode.

  • Users must have a valid, enabled, Mothernode account
  • The email address they are forwarding the email from must match the email address on file with their user account.

If any either of the above does not exist, Mothernode will reject any emails it receives and fails to execute the process.

How it works

Mothernode CRM creates a new lead email address that’s assigned to every user. The prefix in the address is the API assigned to the user account. This information is only accessible to Administrators in the admin view of the user’s account, under the permissions tab. If you need access to your API key, contact your Administrator or Mothernode Account Rep. For More information see the user API help article. In the example below, replace USER_ID with the user’s API key.


If you plan on using this feature, we recommend the following setup for testing and use.
  1. Using the structure above, and instructions on how to create it, determine what your assigned lead capture email address is.
  2. In your address book or email contact list used by your email account to send emails, create a new contact called Mothernode Lead (you can call this whatever you want). Assign your Lead Email address to this contact. No other information is required.

Sample Contact

First Name: Mothernode

Last Name: Lead

Email Address:

3. Once the contact has been created, select an email from your inbox to test. Open the email and forward it to your newly created Mothernode Lead contact.

4. Login to your Mothernode Account and access the leads and opportunities module. The most current lead in the list should be the subject of the email you just forwarded to Mothernode.

How data is used in the lead record

This process is only meant to get your lead started. Users will want to adjust and append information when accessing, reviewing and working their new lead. The following information from the email is used to create the record.

  • The Subject of the email is used as the Lead Reference and Prospect Name
  • The Assigned To is determine by the API, so if the sender is a lead recipient, it will be assigned to the sender automatically
  • The body of the email is used in the Description and is the first Event in the email


  • Check to make sure the email address is correct and that you are using it exactly in your leads email address.
  • Check to make sure the email address in your Mothernode user account is the same email address you are using to forward the email. This can be a problem if you use multiple email addresses or aliases. For security reasons, these two addresses must match.
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