Why are there Mothernode Contacts appearing in my Deleted Items folder in Outlook

First things first. Don’t panic! Your Mothernode Contacts were NOT deleted and everything is OK! This is what happened.

Once you install the Mothernode Add-in for Microsoft Outlook your Outlook will connect to your Mothernode Account (see Outlook setup instructions for more details). Upon connecting to your Mothernode Account two new folders are created in your Outlook program. They are:

Mothernode Contacts. This is where your Mothernode Contacts are stored and synchronized.

Mothernode Calendar. This is where all your Mothernode Calendar events are stored and synchronized.

Here’s why items ended up in your Deleted Items folder

Upon initial connection, Outlook will fetch all of your Contacts and Calendar Events, making them available to you in your Outlook program. Each time the connection is established, Outlook communicates with your Mothernode account and begins to make updates based on changes made since the last connection.

The process will remain in effect as long as your Mothernode API credentials are sustained in Outlook. If you ever uninstall the add-in or if your API settings are removed or reset, Outlook will remove the Mothernode Calendar and Mothernode Contacts folder from Outlook and place the contents in the Deleted Items folder. The way to restore them is to restore your Add-in Connection to your Mothernode account. The next time a connection is successfully established, the folders will be re-established because a NEW synchronization has occurred. The items in the Deleted Items folder will remain in the Deleted Items folder and the contacts and calendar events will be re-synced to their respective folders.

Again, it’s important to note that the Mothernode Add-in for Outlook does not interact with or remove contacts or other items from your non-Mothernode Contacts and Calendars folders. The Add-in will not delete anything on its own from Outlook or Mothernode CRM, only users/admins can delete data.

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