Contact Import Templates

Using Contact Import Templates

When it comes to importing Contacts into Mothernode CRM, users can import their list of contacts into Mothernode CRM using a standard Microsoft XLS or CSV file. To simplify this process, you can use the Mothernode CRM XLS Templates that contain the necessary fields for import. These templates are already mapped in your import process. Using the Mothernode Import templates is especially beneficial if you plan on importing data from different sources, because a single, uniform file can be used for importing your data.

Mothernode CRM Contact Import Template | DOWNLOAD

IMPORTANT: If you are planning on importing customers and contacts, always import Customers First! Then import your contacts. As long as the identical syntax is used for the Customer name in both the Customer Import and the Contact Import, Mothernode CRM will attach the contacts the the existing customer on file.

Before you Import

Custom Fields: You can import custom fields. These are fields that are not included in a standard Mothernode CRM account. To import custom fields you need to create the custom fields first in your Mothernode Account. Once they’ve been created they will be include in your mapping options in the import process.

Drop Down Lists: Otherwise known as value lists. When importing fields that will be used as drop down options to the user, it’s important that you setup the related value lists in your Mothernode account and then make sure that  the same values are represented in the import col. This is another case where the syntax must be identical. If your import list includes a value with a different syntax or new value not included in your existing value lists, then it will be added as an option in the drop down.

Example: Let’s say you are importing into the Source field. If Tradeshow is listed in the value lists and the XLS file then all will match accordingly. If Tradeshow is what was listing in your value lists, but Trade-show is what is being imported, then in records where Source is indicated, your drop down list will include both Tradeshow and Trade-show.

Contact Fields for Import

The following fields are available in the Contact Import Template. We recommend using the standard templates for all imports, but users can use their own XLS fields and map the fields accordingly in the import process.

Field NameDescriptionExamplesInstructionField Type
First NameContact's first nameJohnInput
Last NameContact's last nameSmithInput
SalutationOptional to preface the contact's nameMr., Mrs., Ms., Dr.Leave blank if you don't want to use salutationsInput
TitleContact's professional titleCEO, President, Controller, DirectorInput
DepartmentThe department the contact is affiliate withAccounting, Sales, Customer ServiceInput
EmailContact's email addressjohn@fakeemail.comEmails that with corrupt syntax will be excluded from importInput
Customer Account NameThis is the name of the customer account the contact belongs toMothernode, LLCThe customer names in the contact import must match exactly in the customer importInput
Contact OwnerThe name of the Mothernode user who owns this relationshipYour NameSet up your Mothernode User Accounts firstInput
Market SegmentIndustry in which the contact or their company is associated withCommercial, Financial, ResidentialDrop Down
Address 1Main Address8445 Freeport ParkwayInput
Address 2Suite or apartment numberSuite 100Input
CityCity the contact resides inIrvingInput
StateState or Province the contact resides inTXDrop Down
Zip / Postal CodeZip or Postal code the contact resides in75063Input
CountryCountry the contact resides inUSADrop Down
GroupUse this field to add this contact to a groupDistributor, End User, VendorDrop Down
WebsiteContact's website or company websitemothernode.comInput
Contact Tel.Contact's office telephone number(555) 555-1212Input
Contact Tel. Ext.Contact's extesion(555) 555-1212Input
Contact HomeContact's home phone number(555) 555-1212Input
TwitterContact's twitter accountmothernodeInput
AssistantContact's assistant full nameMary JaneInput
Assistant Tel.Contact's assistant telephone number(555) 555-1212Input
Decision MakerIs the contact the primary decision maker to purchase?YesYes/No
Contact Note ReferenceNote subject headingMeeting NotesInput
Contact NoteNote body for importNotes about the meetingInput
Do not callIs the contact on your do not call listNoYes/No
Exclude from ListsShould this contact be excluded from email listsNoYes/No
Marketing Campaign RecipientShould this contact receive email marketingYesYes/No
Customer Satisfaction RecipientShould this contact be included in customer satisfaction surveysYesYes/No
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