Lead Import Templates

Using Lead Import Templates

When it comes to importing Leads into Mothernode CRM, users can import their list of Leads into Mothernode CRM using a standard Microsoft XLS or CSV file. To simplify this process, you can use the Mothernode CRM XLS Templates that contain the necessary fields for import. These templates are already mapped in your import process. Using the Mothernode Import templates is especially beneficial if you plan on importing data from different sources, because a single, uniform file can be used for importing your data.

Mothernode CRM Lead Import Template  (BASIC) | DOWNLOAD

Mothernode CRM Lead Import Template  (ADVANCED)  | DOWNLOAD

Which Template Should I Use?

  • Use the Basic Template if you’re importing raw Leads with information you would typically see on a business card and not much more.
  • Use the Advanced Template if you’re importing Opportunities that include more opportunity fields, such as estimated value, selling stage, probability etc. This is also ideal if you’re importing a sales pipeline that was exported from a previous CRM.

IMPORTANT: When you leads, you are also importing contact records, assuming the lead has a contact assigned to it in the import process (otherwise just the lead will be imported). The lead is the container record that will eventually become the customer account, once it converts to an actual customer.

Before you Import

Custom Fields: You can import custom fields. These are fields that are not included in a standard Mothernode CRM account. To import custom fields you need to create the custom fields first in your Mothernode Account. Once they’ve been created they will be include in your mapping options in the import process.

Drop Down Lists: Otherwise known as value lists. When importing fields that will be used as drop down options to the user, it’s important that you setup the related value lists in your Mothernode account and then make sure that  the same values are represented in the import col. This is another case where the syntax must be identical. If your import list includes a value with a different syntax or new value not included in your existing value lists, then it will be added as an option in the drop down.

Example: Let’s say you are importing into the Source field. If Tradeshow is listed in the value lists and the XLS file then all will match accordingly. If Tradeshow is what was listing in your value lists, but Trade-show is what is being imported, then in records where Source is indicated, your drop down list will include both Tradeshow and Trade-show.

Lead Fields for Import

The following fields are available in the Lead Import Template. We recommend using the standard templates for all imports, but users can use their own XLS fields and map the fields accordingly in the import process.

Field NameDescriptionExamplesInstructionField Type
ReferenceMuch like a subject line in an email, use a reference to help define an opportunity in a few wordsExpansion Plans, M&A, UpgradesInput
Lead ScoreThis will tag the lead with 1-5 stars.Add a number between 1 and 5.Boolean
Type (Lead/Opp)Will determine if the record is a Lead or OpportunityLead or OppEnter LEAD or OPP in this columnInput
StatusUsed to determine the status of the OpportunityOpen, Won, Lost, CancelledApply the word OPEN to all records in this col.
Drop Down
Promo CodeUsed in conjunction with marketing campaigns for tracking and analyticsFall2017, WinterGlovesAdInput
Prospect NameName of the potential customer or company name
General Motors, Nebraska Furniture MartThis field is requiredInput
Contact First NameFirst name of the contactJohnContacts will be added to the contacts table, independent of by accessible by the leadInput
Contact Last Name
Address 1 Main Address 8445 Freeport Parkway Input
Address 2Suite or Apartment NumberSuite 100Input
CityCity the prospect resides in, will also be used in the contact recordIrvingInput
StateState the prospect resides in, will also be used in the contact recordTXInput
Zip / Postal CodeZip or Postal Code the prospect resides in, will also be used in the contact record75063Input
CountryCountry the prospect resides in, will also be used in the contact record
GroupCategorize your lead by adding them to a groupDistributor, Customer, ResellerDrop Down
Market SegmentProspects IndustrySoftware, Construction, FinancialDrop Down
Lead Websitewebsite url for the prospectwww.mothernode.comInput
Toll FreeToll free number for the prospect800-555-1212Input
Tel.Phone number, will also be used in the contact record(214) 555-1212Input
FaxFax number, will also be used in the contact record(214) 555-1212Input
TwitterProspects Twitter AccountmothernodeInput
Lead DescriptionA brief description about the leadCompany approached us online.Input
Opportunity TypeClassify your opportunities by product and service categoriesMobile App, Web Development, Application DevelopmentInput
ProbabilityDefines the probability the opportunity has of closing25%, 50%, 90%Input
Selling StageDefines where the prospect is in your sales process1. Make contact/qualify
2. Evaluate Needs
Preface your selling stages with numbers or letters so they appear in the sequential order of your sales processDrop Down
Buying StageDefines where you are in your prospect's buying processEvaluating, Ready to buyDrop Down
TerritoryLets you assign opportunities to territoriesNorth America, Canada, USA, UKDrop Down
Next StepsQuick note of next stepsFollow-upInput
Opportunity ValueThe estimated value of the opportunity$200, $500, etcInput
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